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"Teacher Self-Care" I Do, We Do, You Do.....

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

If 2020, has taught us anything it is the significance of self-care for those responsible for the well-being of others. I certainly can understand the ongoing conversation regarding the social, emotional, and academic wellness of our children, but we must consider the same for those whom serve, protect, and educate our children. I can honestly say that during my 20 years of education I haven't personally invested in my own self-care as much as I have this year. The mental, emotional, and physical strain that I have endured as a result of educating others, while making sure my own family is taken care of has been a lot. If we are to preserve the outcomes for the children, even after a pandemic, we must prioritize teacher self-care. This are so many opportunities for developing adult self-care plans for teachers and leaders but we must make the necessary investment of time, energy, and resources to make sure it happens. We can't expect for teachers to take care of our most precious gifts if we don't take care of them.

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